Islam Aly


Edition of 15. (Last Copy) 2.8 x 3 x 3.5"; 30 sections with four folios. Mould-made Johannot paper. Laser engraved edges. Bound in laser etched wooden boards. Ethiopian and Coptic binding with linen thread.

Echoes documents the words that were repeated in the streets of Cairo during the Egyptian Spring of 2011 when millions of protesters from a variety of socioeconomic and religious backgrounds demanded the overthrow of the regime. The people repeated the three words: Bread [livelihood], Freedom, and Social Justice. I used Arabic Kufic script and spelled the words Eish, Horeya, Adala Egtemaeya - Bread, Freedom and Social Justice. These words are repeated over and over in different ways along the 30 sections. The book is an effort to remember and reflect on these events. It also serves as a reminder for the revolution's main demands. Additionally, the book incorporates details of Cairo's streets on the front and backboards. Cairo's map is also laser engraved on three edges of the book." 

Out of print.