Islam Aly

The Tapestry of Dreamweaver
 2023, Edition: 30 variants and five proofs

Talsmanic shirt 39 x 33 inches., enclosed in a cloth-covered box 12 x12 x 2 inches. Cyanotypes on fabric, paper, and maps sewn on cotton cloth. Signed, numbered, and dated by the artist. 

The Tapestry of Dreamweaver is an artist's book that delves into the realm of dreams and the transformative power of talismanic shirts and constellations. It serves as a visual exploration of the interplay between the ethereal world of dreams and the tangible symbols of protection and empowerment found in talismans.

The artwork takes the form of a talismanic shirt, crafted using a collage of cloth and paper adorned with imagery of shirts, constellations, and their mystical beliefs. The book showcases a unique collection of cyanotype prints on both paper and fabric, featuring a distinctive array of texts, sacred invocations, symbols, magic squares, and seal markings. The incorporation of cyanotype prints imbues the illustrations with an ethereal quality, capturing the spiritual significance embodied by these sacred garments.
The piece is elegantly presented in a box, featuring a one-of-a-kind cover design that draws inspiration from constellations and sacred texts.