Islam Aly

Marginalia 1
2013. Edition of 20. 6 x 8"; 60 pages.

Arabic calligraphy. Laser cut text. Handmade flax paper. Coptic and Ethiopian binding with Plexiglas covers.

The design of Marginalia 1 is inspired from Arabic commentaries that were written in different books. These commentaries have a unique shape, and layout. It usually would contrast with the geometrical design of the page. The commentaries played an important role in the transmission and transformation of knowledge. I wanted to show the beauty of their calligraphy on the handmade flax paper. I selected ten different pages for each of the ten sections. I used the laser cutter to cut each section and engrave the front cover. The sections were attached to the Plexiglas covers and sewn together using a two needle Coptic link stitch. Finally I sewed the end bands.